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Equipment for fruit and vegetable processing
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PIGO-R  produces machines and equipment made according to highest technology and from best materials, reliable, efficient and easy to maintain.

PIGO-Rco-operates with scientific institutions all over the Europe, companies with reputation and world wide acknowledged individual experts.

PIGO-R has decades of experience, proven knowledge and big production capacities.

PIGO-R continually pays attention to the research, developments and new applications in food industry.
PIGO-co-operates with customers to provide the best solutions to their needs and requirements.

PIGO-Rsecures permanent service and spare parts for its own products.


Position of a regional leader in food processing industry was secured thanks to founder and owner Mr. Radisa Pajic, who, during his 40 years of experience and business in food industry, constructed more than 120 individual machines and designed more than 30 different technological lines in field of fruit and vegetable processing.

Equipment produced based on his drawings and solutions, is present in all bigger cold storages in ex - Yugoslavia, as well as in many European countries.

PR 103 - Pitting Machine is intended for destoning of sour cherries, plums and apricots in big factories for fruit and vegetable processing (primarily in cold storages and conserve (can / canning industry ?? nisam sigurna) industry). This machine satisfies the highest standards of product quality, when the condition and look of the destoned product are important…



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